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There isn’t a standard solution for all roofs. Generally if someone has an old roof where the tiles are in a bad condition and there are several leaks and if repairs have already been attempted a few times then the ideal situation would be a replacement. However in saying that often we find some repairs have been done incorrectly or on the incorrect part of the roof and in these cases a proper repair can be enough to get the situation resolved. A roof inspection (https://roofernearme.com.au/contact-us/) is always the first step to assess the condition of the roof and recommend the best option. 

A leak is usually the most obvious sign your roof needs to be assessed. Other indicators that there may be a roof issue is mould and damp patches on the ceiling. It is also recommended to have your roof checked by a professional every 12 months to see if there is an issue and ideally to rectify the issue before a leak occurs.

Regular gutter cleaning is integral to keeping the gutters free of rust and free from debris build up that can cause a leak. For tile roofs it is recommended to get the roof Re Pointed every 10-15 years to help extend the life of the roof.

For metal roofs our roofing material of choice is Colorbond. Colorbond is lightweight while also being a very strong material. Manufactured to Australian standards, Colorbond has been tested and can withstand the harshest conditions. It can endure intense winds, is termite resistant, and non combustible while also being resistant to corrosion, chipping, peeling and cracking.

Have a look at the colour range here colorbond (https://colorbond.com/colour)

Roofer Near Me provides an industry standard of 2 years warranty for repairs and 6 years warranty for replacements

We recommend always looking for a provider who lists roof repairs and roof replacements in their list of services. This will help ensure you are dealing with a company who are not just going to lean in a bias direction of replacement when it comes to what your roof needs.

When receiving your estimate you also want to feel comfortable in asking as many questions as you like and receiving an answer that you understand and are happy with so another thing you should look for is clarity on the quote you receive and full disclosure on what the problem is and what solution is being provided.

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